Learn Ukranian
culture and

Learn Ukranian
culture and

Tsvit is an online school specialized in teaching Ukrainian language and culture to
children and adults.

Tsvit is the implementation of the idea of innovative and effective studying, based on the SAVA
Bicultural Identity Development Platform, developed in Belgrade (Serbia) by a group of
educational experts. The platform is currently being successfully implemented in Mexico and

Our students learn to understand, speak, read, and write the Ukrainian language through its
history, literature, geography, music, and traditions.

The class schedule is made based on an agreement with Student Services. Lessons are organized
in accordance with the free time that our students have at their disposal. Students are connected
in groups (approximately 4-6 persons), based on age, knowledge level, and time zone.

This is an intensive and highly effective program. Depending on age and level, groups meet 3-4
times a week, for 45 minutes per session.

Benefits of taking Ukraine language and culture classes

Multiple scientific studies have shown great benefits of being 100% bilingual and bicultural. These include:

• The development of a highly creative and mathematical mind, as well as stimulating the development of critical and logical thinking.
• Proven progress in learning to write and read in other languages.
• The social benefit of meeting and interacting with children of similar heritage: Ukrainian parents or grandparents
with Ukrainian traditions.
• Achieving a healthy and full development of a bicultural identity and a feeling of pride in knowing Ukraine’s cultural treasure.
• Staying connected with family and friends in Ukraine.

Becoming fully bilingual is very difficult to achieve by simply listening to and speaking Ukrainian at home and it is necessary
to take Ukrainian language and culture formal classes. Thus it is necessary to attend classes of the Ukrainian language and culture as a productive reinforcement of the learning process. Children need to receive formal education in order to achieve proficiency in the Ukrainian language writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as in-depth knowledge of Ukraine’s history, literature, and culture. Most importantly, however, is that our school
will help us all to accomplish its mission – preserving our national identity, which is common to both Ukrainian parents and children living abroad today.

Tuition fees and discounts

Tsvit seeks to offer its classes to the greatest number of children who live outside of Ukraine and who have Ukrainian heritage (Ukrainian diaspora). Therefore, Tsvit is making great efforts to offer affordable tuition fees for most people in this population segment. The monthly fee for 3-4 weekly classes is US$ 165.00.

For families with several children, we grant discounts for siblings. At the same time, we believe it is necessary that the participant families get to know the program and see its benefits before committing themselves economically. In order for them to get familiar with our program, we offer a week of free
trial classes amounting to six free classes.

We also understand that Ukrainian families who fled their homes during the terrible times of the war may have difficulties providing the most comfortable environment for their children. Such situations are supported by grants and significant discounts provided by the school. Every Ukrainian child who demonstrates a desire to study should be able to realize that desire, regardless of his or her family’s temporary financial circumstances.
Please contact the school for more information.